House Party is the leading influencer marketing platform that drives authentic advocacy at scale by connecting brands with their biggest fans.


influential advocates

them with in-person brand experiences

their advocacy through social media and offline word of mouth

the impact on both brand metrics and sales

House Party's proprietary platform provides a comprehensive, flexible solution so brands can drive lasting advocacy in multiple ways.  By leveraging our superior technology and socially-savvy community of over 1.1 million consumer influencers, brands have a one-stop shop for sampling, social sharing, branded consumer content creation and more.



A 5-7 week targeted sampling program with guided activities for social amplification

An 8-12 week engagement culminating with a memorable party that puts brands into hands, homes and conversations


An ongoing influencer program punctuated with Chatterbox and/or House Party opportunities to keep brand fans engaged over an extended period of time


I just wanted to share with you all the great news that Jacky Ha-Ha will be #1 on next week’s New York Times bestseller list! We can’t help but think that’s due in part to the great HouseParty campaign, so thank you all for the work you put into making this campaign such a success.

Alexis Gilbert, Brand Marketing Manager, Little, Brown and Company

This past summer's MorningStar Farms Feel Good Grilling House Party met or exceeded just about every expectation we had.

Bryan Fuller, Associate Brand Manager, MorningStar Farms

We tested alternative marketing approaches to see if there are other tactics can be as effective as WOM for driving awareness and trial of Soy Vay. So far, we've found that our House Party campaigns are most effective in driving awareness, sampling and conversion to trial.

Liz Tung, National Shopper Marketing Group Manager, The Clorox Company

We've done a half-dozen House Party programs, and we've been really happy with the results. The buzz they've generated has exceeded our expectations, especially in social media, and we've seen significant lifts in important metrics like favorability and purchase-intent.

Kristin Harp, Marketing Manager, SodaStream USA

It's amazing what our fans can do through word of mouth and social sharing. For one mom to tell another that she buys and trusts Hasbro products for her kids - that's really powerful, and really valuable for us.

Meghan McSheffrey, Sr. Director of Consumer Promotions and Marketing Partnerships, Hasbro

With the help of House Party we generated over 10 million social media impressions!....From the start, our hosts, guests and applicants were excited to share their experience with our products, making the campaign a great way to start building a lot of positive buzz online.

Rajiv Doshi, Director of Digital Marketing, Mezzetta

The House Party platform is important because it gives the brand an opportunity to connect with real moms in their home environments, so they can experience the benefits of Pull Ups firsthand as they start the potty training process with their toddlers.

Missy Maher, Executive VP, Edelman Consumer Marketing Group

The most effective way to sample any product is to actually have a consumer experience it. This is like REDBOOK parachuting into a party and saying, 'Here we are'.

Mary Morgan, Publisher, REDBOOK

The House Party model gives potential customers the opportunity to experience FiOS TV and the chance for existing customers to refer Verizon's services. Typically, people need to see things themselves to believe in it.

Patricia Foster, Director of Marketing, Verizon

The House Party activation was the icing on the cake, with thousands of social posts and photos. We knew we had tapped into the right community and were excited to partner with such a passionate group of fans.

Chad Donvito, Director of Brand Management, KING'S HAWAIIAN

By promoting Walmart and actively driving people into the store, we were able to strengthen both brands' {Simple Skincare and MAKERS: Women in Hollywood} relationships with such an important retail partner.

Ali Vilensky, Senior Brand Partnerships Manager, AOL

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