In their words, with MorningStar Farms’ Bryan Fuller

Today, we’re sitting down with Bryan Fuller, Associate Brand Manager at MorningStar Farms, to discuss how we teamed up to make consumers feel good about meat-free grilling.


This was your first House Party campaign. How did it live up to your (and your team’s) expectations, in terms of the experience it offered MorningStar Farms fans and the results you saw from it?

This past summer’s MorningStar Farms “Feel Good Grilling” House Party met or exceeded just about every expectation we had. House Party helped create a unique and successful sampling experience for new and current consumers alike. By providing great party tips, recipe ideas and exclusive party packs, House Party made it easy for party hosts to share their love of MorningStar Farms with their friends and family in a fun, authentic setting.


MorningStar Farms specializes in meat-free products, a category that many consumers still might not have personal experience with. How have advocacy-marketing programs like House Party helped your current brand loyalists spread the word to their friends and family?

In talking with loyal MorningStar Farms fans over the years, we’ve heard time and again how often their first exposure to our products came from a close friend either telling them about us or literally handing them one of our products to taste. So while we’ve known the importance of advocacy for a while, it’s always a challenge to find the best ways to leverage it. House Party’s expertise and deep membership pool really allowed us to tap into this easily and successfully.


I think we were all impressed with the great user-generated content (UGC) that came out of your campaign (4,000 blog posts and 7,000 photos, for instance). Here at House Party, we’re obviously big believers in the power of UGC — how has your team considered taking advantage of all of this great content? What other tactics have you used to generate UGC and put it to use? 

The amount of rich user-generated content we saw — both in the lead-up to the event and coming out of the event itself — was definitely a very pleasant surprise. House Party hosts and attendees were enthusiastically posting their excitement for the campaign across multiple social channels, creating tons of great content and earned-media impressions. In addition to being able to host much of this great content directly on our Facebook page, we’ve recently built an entire section of our website around sharing user-generated content as well.