If members were dollars, we’d be millionaires

We recently crunched some numbers and realized something pretty exciting: our community now includes over one million members. One million! That’s a thousand thousands!

Our community is both the reason for what we do and the reason we’re able to do it. We love connecting people with their favorite brands and giving them the chance to share those brands with their friends and family. And we love the opportunities we have every day to get to know our members on an individual, personal level. (It’s true.)

While milestones like this are exciting — one million! — at the end of the day, a number is just a number. (Is having 1,000,000 members that much more impressive than having 999,999?) What’s more important is what it represents, and this milestone gives us a chance to note and celebrate the consistent community growth we’ve been seeing for years now, across a variety of channels. In the beginning, we had website registrants and a small email database; now, those pools are larger and more diverse than ever, but they’re not the only ways for consumers to stay informed and engaged. Our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram channels ensure that wherever people are, they can find us there. And more importantly, they can find one another, to share party tips, recipes and more with other hosts and guests.

And although our community’s size is a great asset for the brands we work with, what’s really important is not quantity, but quality. Our members are some of the most influential and socially savvy you’ll find: they’re 3 times more likely to be active on platforms like Twitter and Pinterest than the average consumer, and ¾ of them regularly use social media to share product information, expertise and recommendations with their friends and followers.

They’re also with us because they want to be. We haven’t bought our subscribers or followers; our growth has been organic from the get-go, with new fans joining in because they heard about a great House Party their friend had been to, or a new party opportunity from a favorite brand. When clients sign on to work with us, they do so confident that within our community are advocates truly interested in representing their brand and spreading the word. And as our community grows, we can be more and more precise with our targeting, finding consumers who exactly meet our clients’ desired demographic and psychographic profiles.

Of course, we’re not just resting on our laurels; we continue to search for new and interesting ways to grow and maintain our community, such as our new mobile app, which you’ll read more about in this space soon. But today, we’re just grateful for everyone who’s decided to join us so far. Two’s company, and three may be a crowd, but a million’s a party.

Want to learn more about the advocates who make up our community? Then we have just the infographic for you.