Revamped House Party platform drives even more engagement

This is an exciting month here at House Party. For one thing, there’s the news that House Party’s community has eclipsed the one-million-member mark. And while that’s definitely news we’re proud to share, perhaps even better is how our one million socially savvy advocates can now engage with each other around their favorite brands, in a more exciting way than ever.

We’ve made some major updates to our platform that better allow clients to create a truly brand-centric experience, thanks to improved design, simpler navigation and — most importantly — a focus on driving the creation of branded user-generated content (UGC).

Our new integrated Event Feed and filtering tool allow for more seamless opportunities for advocates to view, share and interact with other conversations and media that feature the brand:

Before anyone can engage with this great content, though, brands need to inspire and activate consumers to create it; this is something we’ve been doing for years — providing a strong foundation for our new site features to build on. One update we’re especially excited about is  “Guided Activities,” which prompt our chosen advocates to complete several desired actions throughout the campaign, all driven by the brand’s goals and objectives. These may include uploading a photo or video, sharing content to social channels, downloading a recipe or posting a product review.

Our advocates are tracking their brand interactions through this up-to-the-minute dashboard depicting the activities they’ve completed, which remain as they progress through the campaign. It’s intuitive and fun for consumers, while delivering on fundamental campaign goals.

Utilizing these activities and highlighting the user’s completion status provides another innovative method for us to deliver more — and better — UGC for our clients. Whether you’re looking to garner authentic branded content featuring your consumers, increase fan engagement in your social channels or generate authentic product reviews, our new Guided Activities feature cements our platform’s standing as an unrivaled tool for driving quality consumer engagement, at scale.