In their words, with Edelman’s Missy Maher

We've worked with Edelman regularly over the years to execute large-scale House Party campaigns (as many as 15,000 parties on one day!) for the Pull-Ups brand. Today, we’re sitting down with Missy Maher, executive vice president in Edelman Chicago’s Consumer Marketing Group, to discuss how and why we've made a party out of potty training.

This first question is a simple one. Over the past five years, we've worked together to plan more than 50,000 House Parties for Pull-Ups. Why has experience-driven social marketing continued to be such an important marketing tool for the brand?

We’ve successfully partnered with House Party since 2010, and have met or exceeded program goals during each activation period. The House Party platform is important because it gives the brand an opportunity to connect with real moms in their home environments, so they can experience the benefits of Pull-Ups firsthand as they start the potty training process with their toddlers.

In your mind, what’s the mark of a successful House Party campaign? Great social media activity? Big lifts in branding metrics (like favorability or purchase-intent)? Fun photos and videos? All of the above? Something else?        

All of these measures of success are important, but social media activity was especially crucial for this year’s “Hello Pull-Ups, Goodbye Diapers” House Party. Boosts in engagement on the Pull-Ups and House Party Facebook Timelines and on Twitter (with nearly 500,000 total social media posts) helped us educate moms about Pull-Ups potty training tools and resources. We were able to engage them on platforms they’re already using to share information and seek advice about raising their children.

Your House Party campaigns have never existed in isolation; rather, our teams work together to make sure that they match the messaging and creative feel of your broader marketing initiatives. Why has this been so important, and how does it affect the consumer experience and the campaign results?

Because we've worked so closely with House Party each year, the team has developed a keen understanding of our target mom and how we aim to educate her during the entire activation — from host recruitment to post-party engagement.

During the planning process, our team regularly connects with House Party to ensure that program details and party themes are consistent and aligned with our current brand strategy. The House Party team has been amenable and available for every phone call, brainstorm and meeting — and we firmly believe that this collaborative, lock-step approach has contributed to the success of the activation and the increase in reach and advocacy we've seen year over year.