Introducing House Party’s new mobile app!

We recently launched our mobile app, making it easier than ever for brand advocates to create branded content and share it across their social channels. With the new app, our community members can connect with their favorite brands, and each other, in more ways and in more places than ever before. The app is available now for iOS in the App Store, and is coming soon for Android devices.

Our new mobile app more effectively connects House Party’s robust digital platform to the physical product experience, driving content and social sharing that’s timely, relevant and authentic. For our consumer advocates, it creates a better user experience that will translate to even stronger results for our clients.

A typical House Party campaign drives millions of earned media impressions, with thousands of photos and videos and hundreds of thousands of Facebook posts, tweets and other social media mentions. With the mobile app — an extension of the platform — consumers can engage with brands and each other, even more deeply and in real-time. Campaign participants can:

  • Browse and interact with real-time content streams from any campaign
  • Upload photos, videos and other content to campaigns, quickly and easily
  • Seamlessly share their content, activity and recommendations across social networks
  • Complete guided activities, including branded content creation, product reviews and more
  • Connect with other participants to share party ideas, chat about the featured brand and more
  • Set up their digital party page, invite guests and send updates
  • Find new House Party and Chatterbox™ campaigns
  • And more!

The House Party app is a win-win for our community and our clients, providing significant value to both. With explosive growth in mobile adoption, it’s not surprising that our community has been eagerly anticipating an app that provides access to their House Party and Chatterbox experience anywhere. Real-time interactions and content will enable a deeper emotional connection between brands and consumers, resulting in more social reach and, ultimately, even greater ROI from House Party and Chatterbox campaigns.