The results are in: our mobile app is a hit!

The new House Party mobile app has been available for iOS for a few months now, and we’ve been waiting with bated breath to see proof of its impact. Now that a few campaigns have had time to run their course, we can say — using real data! — that the app is a great success.

As we explained here on the blog back in May, the app was designed to do a few things:

Our new mobile app more effectively connects House Party’s robust digital platform to the physical product experience, driving content and social sharing that’s timely, relevant and authentic. For our consumer advocates, it creates a better user experience that will translate to even stronger results for our clients.

In a nutshell, the app is meant to drive more of the great user-generated content (UGC) — photos and videos, discussions, social posts and more — that our clients love and expect to see from a House Party or Chatterbox campaign by letting brand advocates create and share that content wherever and whenever is easiest for them.

And that’s exactly what it’s been doing! Initial results show that participants who engage with the app:

  • Share to their social channels up to 35% more often
  • Post up to 50% more discussions
  • Upload up to 280% (!) more photos

As we continue to update the app and collect valuable feedback from our community, we expect these numbers to increase even more.

We’re in the process of rolling out the app for Android devices right now, so it’s still too early to measure results from that version. But we expect it to prove at least as popular as the iOS version, which will mean even more advocates connecting with their favorite brands in fun and exciting ways, producing even stronger campaign results for our clients.

Want to try it yourself? You can download the House Party app now for iPhones or Android devices.