The reviews will not be televised

They will be videotaped, though.

Last year, at the same time that we rolled out our Chatterbox™ product, we announced another new feature that got less fanfare but has nonetheless proved an important development for the House Party platform and our brand partners. That feature — product reviews — has allowed our clients to do two important things:

  • Collect structured feedback from campaign participants after they've tried the promoted product. While they've always been able to share their thoughts through discussion posts and comments, the reviews feature provides an easy way to rate the product, offer detailed qualitative feedback and post it to a dedicated section of the site.
  • Drive those reviews in the places that matter most. Some brands have chosen to encourage reviews on the House Party site itself, so that participants can see one another’s responses and easily share to personal social channels. Others have instead used House Party’s tools to drive thousands of reviews on external sites, like Amazon or Walmart.

These consumer testimonials have been a great addition to the digital platform’s various engagement opportunities — joining discussions, posting photos, downloading exclusive party favors, etc. — and, starting now, they’re even better than ever. While reviews thus far have been text-based, partygoers and Chatterbox advocates can now upload video reviews, either on their own or to supplement a text review.

Here’s what our chief technology officer, Mike Hermus, had to say:

Many of our partner brands feel — and we agree — that video is among the most engaging ways for advocates to show their love of favorite products. A House Party has long been the best way for brands to find their most passionate fans and empower them to drive trial and word of mouth; with our new video reviews, those branded experiences will result in even more valuable content, letting brands — and other consumers — see and hear what these influential advocates have to say.

In addition to creating stronger links between consumers and brands, these video testimonials will allow participants to flex some creative muscle and have more fun than with a standard text review. This means that they’ll be more likely to share their handiwork across their social channels, providing even more reach for House Party and Chatterbox campaigns. And, since research shows that 70% of consumers consult reviews before making online purchases, this will translate to even more sales, as these reviews will influence consumers far beyond those directly involved in the campaign.

Authentic consumer videos, in general, have long been a pillar of the House Party platform; we’ve generated over 25,000 of them in recent years. It’s a medium that our million-plus community members are comfortable with and enthusiastic about, so it makes sense to enhance our already powerful review platform with these video capabilities. We expect that our community will find a variety of creative ways to take advantage of this new tool for engaging with the brands they love, and that those brands will find great value in the rich feedback they receive. Video may have killed the radio star, but it’s keeping things lively over here.