Want your fans to spread the word? Let them eat cake

We’ll admit it: we can be a bit demanding sometimes. After we carefully select the hosts for a House Party campaign from among the brand’s biggest fans and our own community of over a million advocates, we ask a lot of them as they plan and execute the best possible parties for their friends and family. They have to invite their guests, plan a menu, clean and decorate — all while creating and sharing discussions, photos, reviews and other content on the House Party site and across their social networks. We know that it’s a fun and rewarding experience (on average, 98% of hosts report after party day that they want to host another one), but still: it’s a lot of responsibility! (With great power comes…)

So we’re always thrilled when hosts go above and beyond what we’ve asked of them, and impressed with how frequently they do so. They often think up party activities and ways to highlight the sponsor brand that we never even considered, further proving the fundamental tenet of House Party’s philosophy: that giving your advocates the opportunity and the tools to share their love for your brand with others is the most powerful advertising money can buy. Your best fans are your best marketers.

Here’s one example: although it’s not something we specifically suggest, cake-baking makes so much sense for a party setting that hosts often create the most incredible branded confections — totally unprompted. Among the great photos that participants share with us after their parties (almost 3,000 photos per campaign, on average), a few usually show off frosted creations that still surprise and impress us, even after all this time. Some of these cakes are so lovely and original that it’d be a shame for the world not to see them — so pour yourself a tall glass of milk and take a look at how delicious advocacy can be: