Throwback Thursday: Chatterbox edition

Almost exactly a year ago today, we announced on this blog the launch of our second major advocacy program: Chatterbox™. It’s essentially “House Party without the party” — it provides an individual brand experience, rather than a shared brand experience at a party, while still harnessing our same powerful digital platform and tapping into our same community of over one million advocates. As we described at the time, Chatterbox is an appealing solution for brands because:

Our proprietary digital platform allows us to effectively identify advocates based on the brand’s target consumer, considering their demographic, psychographic and social requirements.

Each carefully selected advocate is sent a “Chat Pack” containing product sample(s) to try, plus samples and/or coupons to share with friends. This unique in-home brand experience drives hands-on product trial and authentic social spread.

Throughout the seven-week campaign, advocates interact with the brand and each other at Chatterbox Central. This branded digital campaign hub provides real-time consumer engagement, and drives content creation, product insights and social amplification.

Over the past year, we’ve seen brands across a variety of verticals — from toys and games to food and CPG to media and entertainment — embrace Chatterbox. Some execute stand-alone campaigns, extending the Chatterbox opportunity to their fans, reaching new consumers from House Party’s community, or both. Others opt to use Chatterbox in conjunction with a House Party campaign, deploying Chat Packs to seed the market before a larger House Party or sending them to hosts or applicants of previous House Parties to further engage those fans.

In return, those Chatterbox applicants have uploaded thousands of photos and reviews, posted hundreds of thousands of mentions on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms, and generated millions of impressions.

Why does Chatterbox work? According to the Keller Fay Group, recommendations are the #1 driver of purchase decisions — at all stages of the cycle. More and more marketers are discovering that word of mouth is not just idle chatter: when driven by a positive in-person experience with a brand, it’s the most powerful advertising money can buy.

Want to learn more about Chatterbox? Take a peek at some past, present and future campaigns, or email today to discover what Chatterbox can do for your brand.