Introducing the new House Party Dashboard!

At the end of each House Party or ChatterboxTM campaign, we present the brand or agency team with a detailed final report highlighting its reach, engagement, brand lifts and sales impact. The final report, with its benefit of hindsight, is useful in its comprehensiveness, providing an opportunity to reflect on the results and glean insights to shape future activations.

But the world moves quickly, and sometimes our clients don’t want to wait until a campaign is over to get a sense of its results. That’s why we’re rolling out our biggest platform update since the House Party mobile app: our new House Party Dashboard. Rolling out in early 2015, it will provide clients with real-time data and access to user-generated content for their past and current campaigns, all in one convenient location. The Dashboard will be available for each campaign as soon as it launches, offering insights from the start of recruitment through Party Day and beyond.

The House Party Dashboard will give our partner brands:

  • The ability to view and export user-generated content from their campaigns, such as photos, videos, conversations and reviews
  • Real-time data on key engagement metrics, including social media shares, content uploads and interactions, product ratings, email opt-ins and more
  • Demographic data on participants, including age, gender, children in household and geographic distribution
  • Insights into website and mobile-app traffic for the campaign

And that’s only the beginning! Planned updates to the Dashboard will also allow clients to see more of the content of the word of mouth they’re driving (with key themes highlighted) and download reports, survey results and email opt-ins.

Complete post-campaign reports aren’t going away, of course; a campaign’s full impact still can’t be seen until long after the last guest has gone home and the confetti’s been swept up. But the Dashboard’s real-time insights will let clients — and their House Party team — assess tactical performance along the way.

We’ve spent years building the most powerful advocacy-marketing platform available to brands today, and we’re excited to shine more light on its workings and its results with the House Party Dashboard. Keep an eye here on the blog for more details in the coming months!