In their words...with Mezzetta's Rajiv Doshi

Hungry? We’re talking today with Mezzetta’s director of digital marketing, Rajiv Doshi, about how the recent Mixing It Up with Mezzetta House Party campaign got thousands of people trying and talking about the brand’s olives, peppers and other specialty foods.

The recent Mixing It Up with Mezzetta House Party showed consumers first-hand all the things you can make with Mezzetta olives, peppers and other products: appetizers, sandwiches, main courses — even cocktails and desserts. How did the campaign compare to some of your other marketing efforts, in both structure and results? 

At Mezzetta, one of our main marketing focuses is to educate and empower fans to use our products throughout the day — from a flavorful breakfast to a satisfying late-night snack, a dirty martini and everything in between. We needed an avenue to carry that message to our consumers, and with the extensive community House Party has built around entertaining, we knew they were the perfect partner.



One of the goals of the campaign was to drive a lot of social media buzz, from the start of the recruitment phase all the way through party day and beyond. What sort of social activity did you see on your end? How did it fit with your overall goals and strategies for social engagement?

With the help of House Party we generated over 10 million social media impressions! As a new marketing team, we needed the right campaign to kick off our social media strategy and get the conversation started online. From the start, our hosts, guests and applicants were excited to share their experience with our products, making the campaign a great way to start building a lot of positive buzz online.



Instead of mailing hosts jars of Mezzetta products, you sent a gift card with instructions on purchasing at specific retailers in time for the party. Did you discuss the campaign with those retailers? How did that integration affect the overall effort?

Our strategy behind the gift cards was to give our hosts access to our extensive product portfolio and inspire their creativity, rather than limit them to certain products. Although we did not talk to our retailers beforehand, they were thrilled that we drove customers into their local stores to discover our products.