Looking back on 2013 — and ahead to 2014

To kick off 2014, this month’s blog posts will look ahead to some of the forces most likely to shape marketing in the coming year. We’ll be talking about changes in mobile, big data, social TV and traditional advertising and sharing (of course) where and how House Party fits into the mix.

Before we wade too far into the new year, though, we wanted to take a moment to remember the one we just left. Of the 43 posts we published in 2013, there are a few we consider especially worth a second look (or first, if you missed them originally). Here, then, are 10 posts that capture the best of last year and offer a look ahead at what you can expect from us in 2014.

How social is “Social TV”?

“Anyone really considering how to make TV social, though, would do well to remember there is life and conversation beyond social media. As Brad Fay and Ed Keller (of the Keller Fay Group) have demonstrated, most notably in their 2012 book, “The Face-to-Face Book,” 90% of word of mouth still happens offline; one need not tweet to be social.”

Generating experiential earned media: a SodaStream case study

“The result? The campaign generated 29,000 at-party trials and 39 million impressions, 90% of which were consumer-created, “earned” impressions driven by extensive offline word of mouth and robust digital activity, including 24,000 tweets and 175,000 Facebook posts and comments.”

5 tips for successful social marketing

“Here are five tips for successful social marketing that can drive exactly that earned media that brands are so earnestly seeking. Follow these tips and be prepared to reap the rewards of deep engagement, passionate advocacy and impressive brand and sales lifts.”

Real-time marketing: it’s not just for marketers

“Individual consumers talking about your products at the water cooler or the dinner table may not seem as flashy as a clever Twitter graphic, and they may not get written up in Mashable or Ad Age, but in the long run, those are the little moments that grow and sustain a brand. That’s why it’s important to develop relationships with your fans, new and old, that will help and encourage them to share their experiences, when the time seems right and the recipient seems right.”

Earned meets paid: reality advertising

“However, there are a few big challenges with earned media. How do you generate it directly? Can you get enough of it, at a high enough quality, to make an impact? Can you attain distribution at a scale that matters to most brands? Enter ‘Reality Advertising™.'"

Introducing House Party's new advocacy program: Chatterbox

“We recently expanded our product portfolio with the introduction of Chatterbox. Leveraging our powerful social marketing platform, Chatterbox puts products in consumers’ hands for an individual experience that drives deep engagement, authentic advocacy, and brand and sales lifts.”

Word of mouth and earned media: four things to know

“Earned is the most powerful media, and earned driven by an experience with a brand is more powerful still. An in-person experience — through a product trial, for instance, or a branded event — results in deeper engagement than with other forms of marketing, leading to stronger advocacy and bigger sales lifts.”

Transparent ROI: see through the data

“In the world of marketing analytics, I’m amazed at the automatic trust that’s so often placed in reported metrics, particularly ROI. With something as potentially complex as ROI, marketers shouldn’t accept results at face value and analysts shouldn’t expect their audiences to accept results without question.”

In their words, with Hasbro’s Meghan McSheffrey

“Hasbro itself is a very trusted and established brand — after all, many parents who are buying our toys and games for their kids today grew up with Hasbro — but when you’re talking about things like authenticity and persuasiveness, it’s amazing what our fans can do through word of mouth and social sharing.”

How to make content and influence people

“We’re excited about Reality Advertising because it offers the reach and targeting of paid media, but with the authenticity of images showing real people having real brand experiences. And it takes advantage of the slew of brand-related images and videos that consumers are creating every day — or could be, with a little nudge — at a time when marketers are hungry for more and more content to fuel the machine.”


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