House Party & Edelman to share how authentic advocacy drives real results at Marketing to Moms Conference

October is right around the corner and that can only mean one thing -- the House Party team is gearing up for another great session at the Marketing to Moms conference.  This year is the 12th annual M2Moms event and it’s taking place in New York on October 4th and 5th. 

We’re delighted to share the stage with Edelman to discuss “Girls with Curls” and how together with Edelman and Dove Hair, we were able to identify and activate them en masse to spark advocacy, content creation and thousands of downloads of the Love Your Curls e-book.  The book is a poetic tribute to curly hair that was inspired by thousands of curly stories, photos and messages from real women that poured in as a result of an integrated campaign for the launch of the Dove Quench Absolute products for curly hair.

In this inspiring session, you’ll learn how to drive authentic consumer advocacy and how brands can drive real results by leveraging the influence of real consumers.  We hope you’ll join us – and to make it a bit easier, here’s a 25% discount code: HP25.   See you in October!

 This should link to our session on the site but it’s not live yet; will send note to Nan at M2Moms shortly!