BlogHer 2015 – Lessons Learned

Last month I had the chance to go to BlogHer ’15 and witness firsthand the intersection of – and interactions between — brands and bloggers. Here at House Party, we work with both. We connect brands with the fans who love them and often, those fans include bloggers. Bloggers fall broadly into the bucket of influencer marketing, which we tend to think of influencer in three tiers:

  • At the top are the celebrities brands pay to represent them and spread the word; they tend to have massive reach but can lack authenticity – do we really think that Jennifer Anniston is an avid Aveeno user and Smart Water drinker? Maybe… but maybe not.
  • In the middle are the bloggers – publishers in their own right that brands engage to try their products and write about their experiences. While bloggers typically have highly targeted and frequently sizeable audiences, savvy consumers are starting to wonder if they are in it for the love of the brand or for the paycheck.
  • At the base of our influencer marketing pyramid are everyday consumers – people just like you and me; there are TONS of us. And what we may lack in reach, we more than make up for with our authenticity and credibility. Research proves that everyday consumers are far more likely to influence purchase decisions than either celebrities or bloggers.

So, what does all this have to do with BlogHer ’15? A lot. At a panel of brand marketers with a standing room only audience of bloggers, there were several key takeaways —

  • Be true to your brand and your voice; authenticity trumps all.
  • Have authentic conversations; don’t be scripted.
  • Have passion. It will shine through. And you really can’t fake it. Enough said, right?
  • Be consistent. Make sure your brand voice shines across all channels.
  • Do your research. Know your brand, know your product, know your audience,
  • Last but not least, make it personal.

These nuggets of wisdom were directed to bloggers, advising them on how best to work with brands. But when you think about it, successful brands follow these simple rules too. And, as a business that is often connecting the two, House Party does as well.