Marketing news we've been reading...

As marketers, we realize that on top of all your day-to-day responsibilities, the tasks of navigating your email inbox, keeping up with your Twitter feed and monitoring updates from LinkedIn connections for relevant marketing news can sometimes – in fact, almost always – seem enough to declare it a second job. We think staying on top of marketing news and trends should be an exciting endeavor rather than a Herculean task.

With that in mind, we’re going to start bringing you short-form posts (read: less work for you) once a month or so that highlight the marketing headlines and industry news that have us talking in the office…. Because after all, it’s the talk value that shapes not just the news, but brands as well.

So, sit back and enjoy this first edition of newsworthy nuggets. We hope they’ll impact your thinking, conversations and business today while the swirl of other marketing posts, articles, webinars, whitepapers and podcasts float away…

  1. Influencer & Advocate Marketing On the Rise
  2. The Future of the Customer Experience Is the Experience
  3. Facebook Is a More Trusted Content Provider Than Newspapers or TV
  4. Instagram Ad Roll-Out
  5. truTV Marks Impractical Jokers 100th Epi with Suite of Marketing Activations