We move hearts and minds by creating memorable brand experiences that drive extraordinary lifts in key brand metrics like favorability and purchase-intent.

  • Lifts that matter: double-digit increases in favorability, advocacy-intent and purchase-intent among hosts, guests and the people they talk to.
  • Lifts that last: consumers are bombarded by marketing messages everywhere they look, but a House Party or Chatterbox campaign is memorable, and its effects are strong and lasting. Six months after Party Day, 80% of participants will still be talking about your brand.
  • Lifts that strengthen your mix: 70% of participants will pay more attention to your other marketing, with each TV ad or Facebook post reinforcing what they learned and loved about your brand during their House Party experience.


See how we drove a 250% lift in purchase-intent for Soy Vay.

“Recommendations from personal acquaintances are the most trusted form of advertising.”
— Nielsen