Animal Planet Media/Discovery Networks

We made Puppy Bowl fans VIPs to drive game-day tune-in and over 40,000,000 impressions

Animal Planet Media (a division of Discovery Networks) partnered with House Party to drive social amplification and live tune-in for the 2014 Puppy Bowl, while also engaging on-air sponsors, Twizzler and Bissell, with inclusion in the Party Pack and campaign communication. The campaign generated over 430,000 Facebook posts and comments and over 40 million impressions. In addition, party guests reported double-digit lifts in brand perceptions for Bissell and Twizzlers.


Animal Planet wanted to make Puppy Bowl X bigger than ever. The network was looking
for a unique way to activate fans while encouraging live tune in and social activity before, during and after the game.


As part of an integrated marketing plan, thousands of Puppy Bowl VIP House Parties that…

  • Identified and engaged 1,000 “Home Team” hosts, who received an exclusive party pack full of puppy-themed party supplies, decorations and sponsor samples (TWIZZLERS Bites and BISSELL product brochures).
  • Empowered each unselected applicant to host an official “Tailgater” party. Although these hosts didn’t receive a physical party pack, they had access to a personal party site, downloadable party favors, a Twitter sweepstakes and more.
  • Generated a flood of social-media activity. House Party’s digital platform facilitated the creation of thousands of photos and videos, and its social-sharing tools ensured that this branded, user-generated content was seen by millions.


  • Reach & awareness: 40 million impressions – 95% of them authentic, consumer-generated “earned” impressions – with word spreading to 10 million unique people
  • Social media: 430,000 Facebook posts and thousands of mentions on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram
  • Engagement: 280,000 hours of engagement with the Puppy Bowl, with 10,000 at-party trials of TWIZZLERS Bites
  • UGC: 10,000 blog posts and 9,000 photos uploaded to the party site and shared with the masses
  • Branding: Lifts of 49-54 points in favorability, advocacy-intent and intent to watch the Puppy Bowl, as well as double-digit lifts in favorability for sponsors TWIZZLERS and BISSELL
“The Puppy Bowl VIP House Parties were not only a great way to offer something fun and exclusive for our biggest fans (and make new fans in the process), but also a way to increase advocacy for our on-air sponsors. The fans drove a ton of social media buzz and advocacy — people were so excited to have this personal connection to the Puppy Bowl that they couldn’t wait to talk about it!”
— Sarah McMurdy, Marketing Manager, Animal Planet