Driving Results for Mattel's Hot Wheels


Increase In Social Share of Voice




Facebook Posts

Over six weeks, the program delivered:
14,000 consumers directly engaged
13,500+ product trials
139,000,000+ impressions
135,000 Facebook posts and comments
32,000+ pieces of content
156,000+ Facebook posts and comments, Tweets, discussion posts and comments, photo uploads & reviews
72% of hosts and 63% of applicants have purchased HotWheels – between 3 and 4 times! AND 77% of hosts bought at Target
92% Net Promoter Score for hosts... 80% for guests!


The challenge: Drive awareness, content, advocacy and purchase intent for the new 1980s Hot Wheels retro ride collection at Target. 

Make it Epic is an integrated influencer marketing program leveraging House Party's community and digital platform to deliver hands-on fun, branded content, social amplification, Pinterest integration and authentic trial while driving targeted consumers directly to Target to experience and purchase the 1980s Hot Wheels Retro Rides collection.


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   To learn more, email us at  sales@houseparty.com

To learn more, email us at sales@houseparty.com