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House Party knows: Alcohol

Word-of-mouth conversations driven by a personal experience increase the likelihood of purchase according to Keller Fay. That's why brands from Budweiser to Smirnoff turn to House Party to get brands in hands, home and shopping carts.


House Party Knows: TV

Who have NBC, AMC, TNT, Warner Bros. and Nickelodeon turned to to get fans tuning in time and again? House Party. House Party campaigns activate fans and create passionate brand advocates that recommend, share and most importantly, watch your shows.


House Party Knows: Gaming

Mashable has called earned media — authentic consumer recommendations — the holy grail. And when it comes to video games, this couldn't be more true. That's why brands like Sony Playstation, Xbox 360 and Wii turn to House Party to get consumers playing, promoting and purchasing their products.


House Party Knows: Kids

Kids are social animals, and the savviest marketers harness their advocacy and that of their parents for the products they love. As proven time and again, a House Party campaign can bring groups of young friends and their parents together to try your product, play your game or watch your TV show driving measurable enthusiasm and conversation among millions of consumers.


House Party Knows: Beauty

It's no secret that women love to share their favorite beauty products with friends and family. But did you know that House Party provides self-proclaimed beauty buffs the ability to experience, share and spread millions of recommendations about their best-loved haircare, skincare and cosmetic products?


House Party Knows: Food & Beverage

Knowing that tasting is often believing, House Party has proven category expertise with getting brands in hands and driving trial and sales for CPG food and beverage brands.


House Party Knows: Tweens

House Party's not just for the grown-ups. The recent One Direction Up All Night House Party, celebrating the hit boy band, tapped into mountains of tween excitement generating hundreds of millions of impressions. Your young fans are out there, give them a party and watch the word of mouth grow, and grow, and grow.


House Party Knows: Publishing

What book will you read next? Chances are, you’ll ask a friend for a recommendation. A variety of publishers have used House Party to make sure their books are the ones being recommended. A House Party campaign connects publishers with readers and provides them an experience that can include exclusive early book releases, themed games and party favors, online chats with their favorite authors and more. House Party arms fans new and old with the tools to share, review and recommend, ultimately driving sales.


House Party Knows: Household Products

Keller Fay recently confirmed that "personal recommendations are the number one driver of consumer purchase decisions at every stage in the purchase cycle." That's why brands from Ziploc to Clorox Greenworks have turned to House Party to get consumers recommending -- and buying -- their brands.