So much more than a party...

With over a decade of expertise in defining the influencer marketing landscape, House Party is the only platform to provide brands with a full suite of solutions for activating consumer brand advocates. From highly targeted social sampling to innately social party experiences to ongoing community engagement, we’re leading the way in both influencer marketing and measurement.

Our platform facilitates a range of authentic consumer experiences delivering product trials, branded content creation, social sharing/amplification, product reviews, brand insights and more.  Our award-winning work with leading brands across verticals is proven to boost both brand metrics and sales. 

In fact, since 2005, House Party has worked with hundreds of brands, thrown over 800,000 parties, directly engaged millions of consumers, produced over 10 MILLION pieces of content and over 6 BILLION impressions -- all while consistently delivering industry leading results that include double-digit brand lifts and consistent sales lifts of 5-10%.

Contact us to find out why so many brands have decided to “Join the Party and Mobilize Millions.”