As a marketer, which of these sounds the most impactful to you?

  1. One second spent looking at your digital banner ad
  2. Thirty seconds spent watching your TV commercial
  3. Three hours spent at your House Party, literally celebrating your brand

If the third option piqued your interest, you’ll be happy to hear that the fun doesn’t end there. Long before and long after your fans (old and new) try your products, whether through House Party or Chatterbox, they’ll be sharing their experience with anyone willing to listen. Hundreds of thousands of Facebook posts, tweets, photos, videos, blog posts and more will keep the party going.

And with our platform’s “Guided Activities” functionality, we can drive exactly the actions that are most important to you. Want photos of consumers trying your product for the first time? More Facebook Likes? Authentic reviews and insights? We’ve got you covered.


See how we generated mountains of UGC and almost 300,000 hours of engagement for the band One Direction.

The most effective way to sample any product is to actually have a consumer experience it. This is like REDBOOK parachuting into a party and saying, ‘Here we are’.
— Mary Morgan, Publisher, REDBOOK