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New Methods to Use Influencers to Reach & Engage Your Target Audience

  • Cynopsis Media Webinar (map)

Influencer marketing isn’t just here to stay – it’s set to explode. Edelman Digital says this year, digital word-of-mouth will play “a newly central role” in marketing, with the ability – when done right – to deliver significant, measurable brand awareness. It’s no longer enough to just produce good content. You need to get that content discovered and championed in an increasingly crowded environment. 

Innovative marketers are upping their investment in a powerful approach that overcomes both fraud and consumer skepticism around advertising:  influencers. While working with these trusted ambassadors is not necessarily new, the tactics and approaches in teaming up with them most effectively are.

Chris Maher, House Party CEO, along with Doug Simon, DS Simon’s President and CEO, and Kate Gold, Director of Convergence and Social Media for both the Food Network and Cooking Channel will talk about the latest methods to align yourself most productively with these connection creators.

You’ll be glad you did and you will learn how to: 

  • Recruit and activate the influencers that boost visibility and buzz 
  • Craft deals with influencers that cover issues like exclusivity and content ownership
  • When and how to use paid promotion to amplify content  
  • Implement the technology and staff needed to manage activations 
  • Measure influencer ROI