The House Party experience: Authentic. Immersive. Powerful.

What makes House Party’s campaigns so powerful is the experience: friends and family members gathered in living rooms and kitchens across the country to talk about your products and try them together.

And it’s not just about the products themselves. We’ll work with you to develop a campaign theme and engagement activities — games, favors, conversation topics — that bring your brand alive.

There are other ways to get your products in hands, but none with the mass reach, deep engagement and emotional resonance of a House Party. Our campaigns give your best fans the chance to tell your story to their friends and family — and become a part of that story themselves. And they can do so in a setting that’s intimate, uncluttered and memorable.

Leading researchers Keller Fay have found that word of mouth sparked by a product experience is more credible, positive and likely to lead to purchase than any other word of mouth. And the more engaging the experience, the stronger the resulting advocacy. So the recommendations from a House Party campaign — millions of them, online and off — are the most powerful out there, because they’re driven by the best product experience of all.

Your fans are ready to party. Are you?

“The Dole Salads Taste of Spain House Party was a blast. Preparing for the party was half of the fun. The great recipes were well loved and we found some local wines that paired up well with both the spicy and lighter items. Everyone had a great time and what was to be a 2 hour gathering turned into almost 4!”
— Monica, House Party Host