House Party, Inc. is the leading influencer marketing platform that drives authentic advocacy at scale by connecting brands with their biggest fans. Our platform enables brands to easily identify influential brand advocates, engage them with in-person brand experiences, and amplify their advocacy through social media. The result? Double-digit brand lifts and strong, measurable ROI.

According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers around the world say they trust earned media above all other forms of advertising. That means word of mouth and recommendations from friends and family. Well, we get influencers and consumer advocates doing exactly that by putting your brand in their hands.

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We offer two advocacy marketing solutions that drive recommendations — House Party campaigns for a shared group experience and Chatterbox campaigns for an individual brand experience.

  • During a House Party® campaign, we select passionate brand advocates from our community of social influencers to host thousands of engaging, memorable parties that spread authentic word of mouth and brand recommendations to millions, online and off. This results in high, measurable ROI.
  • Chatterbox™ delivers your product directly to targeted influencers, providing an individual brand experience that’s shared with friends both online and off.

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