Unmatched engagement.
Stronger advocacy. Bigger lifts.


We wrote the party playbook.

Every House Party or Chatterbox campaign is a fusion of powerful pieces:

  • A passionate community eager to celebrate your brand and share your message with their world.
  • An engaging digital platform that powers your campaign and broadcasts the experience with one-touch social sharing. 
  • A mobile app that lets consumers take the party everywhere, driving even more content creation and social amplification.
  • A Party Pack or Chat Pack that gets your brand in consumers’ hands and drives mountains of UGC from the moment it arrives on doorsteps.
  • A comprehensive final report that measures reach, engagement, branding and sales.
  • A turn-key process, honed through years of experience, for hassle-free planning and first-rate execution.

The House Party digital platform: Built to Party. And then some.

Our platform was built to do three things: identify your best brand advocates, engage them with a one-of-a-kind experience, and give them the tools to share that experience, online and off.

When consumers apply to your campaign, our platform allows them to strut their stuff by uploading photos and videos, joining in discussions and engaging with your social channels. Our proprietary algorithms weigh their behavior, social influence, demographics and other variables to find the best advocates for your brand.

After they’re chosen, hosts can manage the entire party process: inviting guests, posting updates, downloading exclusive party favors and more. Our Guided Activities and structured messaging drive the actions that are most important to you, and event feeds surface the best content for everyone to see.

And the platform’s robust social-sharing layer ensures that the fun doesn’t stop there. Each completed application, each uploaded photo, each RSVP prompts your advocates to spread the word across their social channels. Because it’s a party, after all, and the more the merrier.


“The amount of rich user-generated content we saw — both in the lead-up to the event and coming out of the event itself — was definitely a very pleasant surprise. House Party hosts and attendees were enthusiastically posting their excitement for the campaign across multiple social channels, creating tons of great content and earned-media impressions.”
— Bryan Fuller, Associate Brand Manager, MorningStar Farms

The House Party mobile app: easy and instant content creation and social sharing.

House Party’s mobile app allows our community members to connect with their favorite brands anytime, anywhere. The app effectively connects House Party’s robust digital platform to the physical product experience, driving content and social sharing that’s timely, relevant and authentic. It’s available now for iOS and Android devices.

House Party’s mobile app allows our community members to connect with their favorite brands anytime, anywhere. The app effectively connects House Party’s robust digital platform to the physical product experience, driving content and social sharing that’s timely, relevant and authentic. It’s available now for iOS and Android devices.

With the mobile app, consumers can engage with brands, and each other, even more deeply and in real-time. Campaign participants can:

  • Browse and interact with real-time content streams from any campaign
  • Upload photos, videos and other content to campaigns, quickly and easily
  • Complete guided activities, including branded content creation, product reviews and more
  • Seamlessly share their content, activity and recommendations across social networks
  • Connect with other participants to share party ideas, chat about the featured brand and more
  • Set up their digital party page, invite guests and send updates
  • Find new House Party and Chatterbox™ campaigns
  • And more!

The House Party experience: Authentic. Immersive. Powerful.

What makes House Party’s campaigns so powerful is the experience: friends and family members gathered in living rooms and kitchens across the country to talk about your products and try them together.

And it’s not just about the products themselves. We’ll work with you to develop a campaign theme and engagement activities — games, favors, conversation topics — that bring your brand alive.

There are other ways to get your products in hands, but none with the mass reach, deep engagement and emotional resonance of a House Party. Our campaigns give your best fans the chance to tell your story to their friends and family — and become a part of that story themselves. And they can do so in a setting that’s intimate, uncluttered and memorable.

Leading researchers Keller Fay have found that word of mouth sparked by a product experience is more credible, positive and likely to lead to purchase than any other word of mouth. And the more engaging the experience, the stronger the resulting advocacy. So the recommendations from a House Party campaign — millions of them, online and off — are the most powerful out there, because they’re driven by the best product experience of all.

Your fans are ready to party. Are you?

“The Dole Salads Taste of Spain House Party was a blast. Preparing for the party was half of the fun. The great recipes were well loved and we found some local wines that paired up well with both the spicy and lighter items. Everyone had a great time and what was to be a 2 hour gathering turned into almost 4!”
— Monica, House Party Host

Metrics that matter.

We’ve already described the many things a House Party campaign can do for your brand — but we don’t expect you to take our word for it.

Each campaign is rigorously and transparently measured, and each final report highlights the metrics that matter most to you, with a focus on reach, engagement, branding and sales.

In addition to our robust, third-party-audited surveys and proprietary tracking tools, we partner with firms like Nielsen and Datalogix and employ industry-best tools like Radian6 to deliver the full picture of your campaign’s impact.

It’s no coincidence that our SVP of research & analytics also leads the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA)’s Research & Measurement Council. Our measurement strategies have long been recognized for their care and foresight; we not only follow best practices, but establish them.

A campaign can’t be all fun and games — sometimes it’s measurement and reporting, too. But when that time comes, you can trust that you’re in good hands.

We’ve done a half-dozen House Party programs since 2012, and we’ve been really happy with the results. The buzz they’ve generated has exceeded our expectations, especially in social media, and we’ve seen significant lifts in important metrics like favorability and purchase-intent.
— Kristin Harp, Marketing Manager, SodaStream USA

A lean, mean party machine.

A House Party campaign is more than just a party, and a Chatterbox campaign is more than just a Chat Pack. Each consists of 6-10 weeks of continued engagement, with participants guided through a series of activities and dozens of distinct opportunities to interact with your brand.

Sound daunting? Don’t worry. With hundreds of campaigns under our belt, we’ve got it down to a science. We’ll keep your advocates happy and engaged with minimal effort on your part. And — since we’re FTC compliant — we’ll keep your legal team happy, too. Our process is established enough to ensure smooth execution, while still flexible enough to adapt to your specific needs.

From the official kickoff until the delivery of results, your House Party campaign will be a piece of cake.