House Party Announces Capability with Datalogix to Measure the Impact of Experience-Driven Marketing on Sales

Underscores Brands’ Growing Interest in the ROI of Experience-Driven Social Marketing New York, NY – January 17, 2014 – House Party today announced a new capability it will offer with Datalogix, the data-driven marketing company connecting digital advertising to offline sales, to help brands connect the dots between advocacy marketing and in-store purchases. As the pioneer in “experience-driven social marketing,” House Party will now enable its clients to measure the actual shift in consumer purchase behavior from their advocacy marketing efforts. House Party’s powerful experience-driven social marketing platform drives consumer recommendations, at scale, to build brands and increase sales. This new capability will provide its clients – including many of the world’s best-known brands – with deep insights into how their House Party campaigns impact purchase behavior. House Party has provided shopper analysis for years, but never with the superior Datalogix measurement solutions. Brands will now be able to understand such metrics as percent of households who purchased, amount spent per household, and number of shopping trips per household. “Our offering with Datalogix signals the growing measurability and accountability of social marketing,” said House Party CEO Chris Maher. “Working with Datalogix, our advertisers will have better visibility into the driving factors of ROI. Marketers should be demanding this level of measurement and accountability from all media.” About Datalogix Datalogix provides marketing infrastructure for the data-driven era by connecting digital advertising to offline sales. We help leading brands reach audiences of buyers across display, video, mobile and social. DLX ROI® is the industry standard for measuring the offline sales lift resulting from digital marketing campaigns. The Company's expertise spans the major consumer segments, including Retail, CPG, and Automotive. About House Party House Party is an experience-driven social marketing platform that drives consumer recommendations, at scale, to build brands and increase sales. Our platform enables brands to easily identify influential advocates, engage them with in-person brand experiences, and amplify their advocacy through social media, generating unmatched results. House Party offers brands two advocacy marketing solutions — House Party campaigns (for a shared group experience) and Chatterbox campaigns (for an individual brand experience). For clients who want to leverage the resulting earned-media content to create more effective paid digital media, House Party also offers “Reality Advertising.” House Party programs, all rigorously measured, are employed by many of the world’s best-known brands, including Kraft, Kimberly Clark, MillerCoors and Hasbro. Follow us @HousePartyInc. # # #