House Party Community of Brand Advocates Reaches One Million Members, And Growing…

Provides Unrivaled Resource for Brands Looking to Drive Powerful Earned Media for Significant Lifts in Branding and Sales

Irvington, NY — March 12, 2014 — Leading social-marketing company House Party, announced today that its community of passionate brand advocates passed the one-million-member mark, strengthening the firm’s already unmatched experience-driven advocacy programs. House Party’s powerful platform drives consumer recommendations, at scale, to build brands and increase sales. The large size and great diversity of House Party’s community, which includes members engaged through the House Party website, email, and social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram), enhances the firm’s capabilities in three key ways:
  • Volume – keeping up with the fast-growing number of campaigns demanded by House Party’s broad range of clients;
  • Targeting – identifying and activating the very best advocates for each client’s specific products and marketing objectives;
  • Scale – executing campaigns both small and large, reaching between one million and twenty million people.
“We’re extremely proud of the community we’ve built and the fact that it’s grown not through paid acquisition but word of mouth — people hear about what we offer and they want to be part of it,” said Chris Maher, House Party CEO. “And the continued growth in our own channels is evidence that when we profess social media expertise, and promise that we can engage brand advocates, we mean it.” Research shows that House Party’s members are also socially savvy: they’re far more engaged than the general population on a variety of social channels — members are three times more likely to be active on Twitter or Pinterest, for instance — and three-quarters of them regularly use social media to share product information, expertise and recommendations with their friends and followers. Their heavy social behavior ensures that the impact of a House Party campaign spreads far beyond just the party hosts and guests, to the millions of consumers they reach and influence, online and off, driving measurable lifts in brand metrics and sales. “We all know that brands are looking to connect with consumers to drive earned media,” said Maher. “But what this amazing growth shows is that consumers want to connect with their favorite brands as well, as long as they can do it in an authentic way.” While House Party’s clients are encouraged to augment their campaigns with participants from their own communities and databases, the firm’s million-plus members represent an unrivaled resource for brands’ advocacy-marketing efforts. See "What is House Party" video. About House Party House Party is an experience-driven social marketing platform that drives consumer recommendations, at scale, to build brands and increase sales. Our platform enables brands to easily identify influential advocates, engage them with in-person brand experiences, and amplify their advocacy through social media, generating unmatched results. House Party offers brands two advocacy marketing solutions — House Party campaigns (for a shared group experience) and Chatterbox campaigns (for an individual brand experience). For clients who want to leverage the resulting earned-media content to create more effective paid digital media, House Party also offers “Reality Advertising.” House Party programs, all rigorously measured, are employed by many of the world’s best-known brands, including Kraft, Kimberly Clark, MillerCoors and Hasbro. Follow us at @HousePartyInc.

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