House Party Launches Real-Time Client Dashboard

Gives clients access to extensive data and content from current and past programs

Irvington, NY — [March 9, 2015] — Leading social marketing company House Party has launched a real-time client dashboard to provide clients with real-time data and access to user-generated content for their past and current House Party and Chatterboxcampaigns, all in one dynamic web application. Although each campaign will still culminate in a detailed final analysis, the new House Party Dashboard lets clients track data and download their favorite consumer content throughout the entire campaign cycle. It offers:
  • The ability to view and export user-generated content, such as photos, videos, testimonials and product reviews
  • Real-time data on key brand engagement metrics, including social media shares, content uploads and interactions, product ratings, email opt-ins and more
  • Demographic data on participants, including age, gender, children in household and geographic distribution
  • Insights into website and mobile-app traffic for the campaign
“We’ve found that while clients appreciate the rigor and comprehensiveness of our final reports, they’re often interested in updates and insights throughout the duration of a campaign. We’re thrilled to be able to offer this now,” said House Party Chief Technology Officer Michael Hermus. “With the House Party Dashboard, they can check at their convenience or at key campaign milestones, and the Dashboard’s proprietary tools allow them to dissect and compare metrics in a multitude of ways.” The House Party Dashboard is available now for both House Party and Chatterbox programs. # # #