Think you know everything about Millennial Advocates? Think again…

Consumer advocacy can be a brand’s most powerful marketing tool, but what’s the key to activating Millennial advocates? How do Millennial advocates differ from their peers? What motivates them to recommend brands and share brand content? Download this infographic to dive into the Millennial advocates mindset and learn how to harness their passion to build brands and drive sales.


Experience-Driven Word of Mouth: The Key to Powerful Social Marketing, a new study by the Keller Fay Group

How do you drive the most powerful word of mouth? This is the dilemma most marketers face. Experience-Driven Word of Mouth: The Key to Powerful Social Marketing details the importance of experience as a conversation starter, the pay-off from experience-driven campaigns, strategies for maximizing their success and specific examples of successful executions.


Getting likes, love and shares: activating women brand advocates

Why are brand advocates so important? According to Nielsen, it’s because 92% of us trust the recommendations of a friend over all other forms of advertising. “Getting love, likes and shares: activating brand advocates” details who these women are, their social media consumption habits and channels of choice, why they share brands with friends and what leads them to purchase.


All Earned Media is Not Created Equal

While most marketers know by now that earned is the most powerful media, all earned is not created equal. The deeper engagement of earned driven by an in-person brand experience drives stronger advocacy, online and off, for wider reach and bigger lifts in branding and sales. Learn about fast-growing “experience-driven social marketing.” Properly done, it can be the most powerful medium in the mix.


All Earned Media is Not Created Equal – Infographic

Get a quick snapshot on “experience-driven social marketing” in this one-page infographic.