By now, you’ve read about the reach, engagement and branding that House Party can drive. But those are all means to the ultimate end: sales. Fortunately, we’ve got that covered, too. We’ve conducted matched-panel analyses (MPAs) on more than a dozen campaigns over the past few years. MPAs reveal the complete impact of a campaign, enabling brands to compare the ROI of their social marketing campaigns with that of their other marketing and media efforts.

Our MPAs, conducted by leading research firms like Nielsen and by brands themselves, have typically found sales lifts in test markets of 5-10%. For every dollar brands have spent on their House Party campaigns, they’ve gotten back (on average) $2.50 in the first three months.

And that’s for average-sized campaigns, of 2,500 hosts. Larger campaigns — with 5,000 hosts — have driven an ROI of $3.09 in the first three months. House Party campaigns can deliver more bang for your buck than just about anything else in the marketing mix.

See how we drove a 6% sales lift in test markets for MorningStar Farms.

“Word-of-mouth conversations driven by personal experience increase the likelihood to purchase more than those without, by over 20 points.”
— Keller Fay