Give your brand a voice. It’s chatter time.

Chatterbox delivers your product directly to consumers, providing an individual brand experience that’s shared with friends both online and off.


Spreading the word

Chatterbox activates passionate advocates from our community, and/or yours, to try your product and talk about it, spreading brand recommendations, online and off, for high ROI.

Chatterbox brings fans closer to the brands they love — yourbrands. Chatterbox advocates are carefully recruited to meet your brand’s demographic, psychographic and social requirements.


Brands in hands, homes and conversations

Once selected, each advocate receives a “Chat Pack” with everything needed for an authentic brand experience that can be shared with friends. This includes product samples and special offers that drive hands-on product trial and social spread.

Throughout the campaign, advocates interact with the brand and each other online at Chatterbox Central. Chatterbox Central provides each brand with its own digital home, offering real-time consumer engagement and social media amplification.

How it’s different from a House Party campaign

Think of a Chatterbox campaign as a House Party without the party:

  • Delivers an individual brand experience versus a group experience
  • Requires less lead time
  • Costs less

Chatterbox is also ideal as a lead-in or extension to a House Party campaign, building excitement and driving ongoing engagement, advocacy and lifts.


Ready to get people chatting about your brand?

Check out our recent campaigns and contact us to see how we can help your brand create chatter.