Build brands. Drive sales. It’s party time.

House Party generates millions of consumer conversations and recommendations, online and off, to build brands and drive sales.

We’ll make your brand the star of the party, the talk of the town. We’ll put your product in consumers’ hands, homes and conversations, in their social posts and shopping carts. Our unique fusion of physical and digital engagement cuts through the clutter. We combine experiential and social marketing, so when we spark a conversation (or two, or a million), it’s more positive, credible and likely to lead to purchase, because your advocates have tried your product firsthand. And research proves it.

All of that delivers results: millions of impressions; thousands of hours of brand engagement; double-digit brand lifts; and strong sales lifts and ROI that’ll make you want to, well, celebrate.

Join the Party. Mobilize millions.



House Party mobilizes millions.

It’s true: a House Party or Chatterbox campaign gets people talking and sharing, sparking word of mouth that reaches millions, online and off. Millions of authentic conversations. Millions of influential peer recommendations. And all of them rigorously and transparently measured and reported. Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest and Instagram. The water cooler and the shopping aisle. Wherever consumers are talking, we’ll make sure it’s your brand they’re talking about.


See how we drove hundreds of thousands of social media posts and 40 million impressions for Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl X.




House Party creates connections.

As a marketer, which of these sounds the most impactful to you?

  1. One second spent looking at your digital banner ad
  2. Thirty seconds spent watching your TV commercial
  3. Three hours spent at your House Party, literally celebrating your brand

If the third option piqued your interest, you’ll be happy to hear that the fun doesn’t end there. Long before and long after your fans (old and new) try your products, whether through House Party or Chatterbox, they’ll be sharing their experience with anyone willing to listen. Hundreds of thousands of Facebook posts, tweets, photos, videos, blog posts and more will keep the party going.

And with our platform’s “Guided Activities” functionality, we can drive exactly the actions that are most important to you. Want photos of consumers trying your product for the first time? More Facebook Likes? Authentic reviews and insights? We’ve got you covered.


See how we generated mountains of UGC and almost 300,000 hours of engagement for the band One Direction.

The most effective way to sample any product is to actually have a consumer experience it. This is like REDBOOK parachuting into a party and saying, ‘Here we are’.
— Mary Morgan, Publisher, REDBOOK


House Party boosts brands.

We move hearts and minds by creating memorable brand experiences that drive extraordinary lifts in key brand metrics like favorability and purchase-intent.

  • Lifts that matter: double-digit increases in favorability, advocacy-intent and purchase-intent among hosts, guests and the people they talk to.
  • Lifts that last: consumers are bombarded by marketing messages everywhere they look, but a House Party or Chatterbox campaign is memorable, and its effects are strong and lasting. Six months after Party Day, 80% of participants will still be talking about your brand.
  • Lifts that strengthen your mix: 70% of participants will pay more attention to your other marketing, with each TV ad or Facebook post reinforcing what they learned and loved about your brand during their House Party experience.


See how we drove a 250% lift in purchase-intent for Soy Vay.


“Recommendations from personal acquaintances are the most trusted form of advertising.”
— Nielsen


House Party moves the needle.

By now, you’ve read about the reach, engagement and branding that House Party can drive. But those are all means to the ultimate end: sales. Fortunately, we’ve got that covered, too. We’ve conducted matched-panel analyses (MPAs) on more than a dozen campaigns over the past few years. MPAs reveal the complete impact of a campaign, enabling brands to compare the ROI of their social marketing campaigns with that of their other marketing and media efforts.

Our MPAs, conducted by leading research firms like Nielsen and by brands themselves, have typically found sales lifts in test markets of 5-10%. For every dollar brands have spent on their House Party campaigns, they’ve gotten back (on average) $2.50 in the first three months.

And that’s for average-sized campaigns, of 2,500 hosts. Larger campaigns — with 5,000 hosts — have driven an ROI of $3.09 in the first three months. House Party campaigns can deliver more bang for your buck than just about anything else in the marketing mix.

See how we drove a 6% sales lift in test markets for MorningStar Farms.

“Word-of-mouth conversations driven by personal experience increase the likelihood to purchase more than those without, by over 20 points.”
— Keller Fay